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Classic Denim Jacket Three Ways

Over the years I've definitely bought my fair share of things that only got worn once or twice. Especially thrifting, I'd find something cute and think, "hey, it's only $3!" and then never wear it. I don't like that. No matter how cheap (or free) a piece is, I've learned to only take it home if I know I'll get plenty of wear out of it. As I'm getting older I also am seeing the importance of investing in pieces that, not only will I wear often, but are classics that I can keep for years and they won't ever go out of style.

Denim jackets are those sorts of pieces. I've actually been on the search for a good basic denim jacket for the last year. Recently the lovely people at Nectar clothing sent me this one, and it's exactly what I've been looking for. If you've never heard of Nectar let me tell you one of my favorite things about them (besides their adorable clothes), they pride themselves on offering clothing that's made in the USA and is also affordable. I love that. I really do prefer to buy local whenever I can, and usually I do that with my clothing by thrifting, since most USA brands are out of my budget. It's so nice to now have a go-to online shop to get cute clothing I can actually afford and is still made "locally".

I've been getting so much wear out of my jacket recently I thought I'd be fun to share my favorite ways to wear it!

   Thrifted Shirt + Belt // Jacket c/o Nectar // DIY Maxi skirt (tutorial here) // Target Scarf // Gap Shoes

WITH A MAXI // I fell in love with maxi skirts this summer, so I'm definitely not ready to give them up just because of the cooler weather. The great thing about denim jackets is that they are basically a "neutral", so you can have a fun color or two, and print going on, and a denim jacket kind of helps tie everyone together. I've seen other girls pair denim jackets with maxi dresses too and they always look so cute!

  Target Dress // Jacket c/o Nectar // UO Bag (thrifted) // Thrifted Shoes + Belt // Homemade Necklace

TOUGHEN UP A DRESS. This has been my favorite dress since I got it last year, but it's pretty feminine piece and I don't consider myself a super girly girl. It also can looks pretty dressy without other pieces to tone it down, and a denim jacket is kind of perfect for that. There's something a little bit masculine about a denim jacket, which is love. 

                                  Gap Tank + Leggings // Thrifted Shrit + Bag // Jacket c/o Nectar

                                                Scarf made by my Mom // Boots c/o Minnetonka

LOTS OF LAYERS. Another big benifit of having a jacket that's so neutral is that you can pile on the layers, and top it off with a denim jacket without having to worry about it clashing or being too much. Also, plaid. I'm pretty sure denim jackets were just made to go with plaid, which is just another reason they win my heart.

What are some other pieces you guys have found are classics in your closet? One I'm sorely missing right now is a pair of simple skinny jeans. My last pair fell apart and I really need to invest in some really good ones!