Tips for Pinterest

Photo by A Noble Savage // Pinned by Tess Fine

Pinterest is huge these days. When I first found it it was "love at first click." I had always saved inspiring photos on my computer and would constantly end up with huge files full of random photos that I couldn't even remember where they came from. With Pinterest everything is categorized and linked back to wherever I found it, it's great! It's actually a huge source of inspiration for me, but lately I've talked to a lot of people who say it overwhelms them or they just don't get it, and after talking to them for a little bit and thinking about my personal "pinning practices" I have a few tips for anyone out there who isn't feeling the same warm fuzzy feelings towards Pinterest that I do...

Photo by Hello it's Valentine // Pinned by Starr Crow


This seems like, "uh, duh?" to some of you, I know, But I've talked to people who only ever go to the main page and never sign in themselves - if you do this then you're hugely missing out! When you're signed into the website the page you see when you log on is things pinned only by people you follow. I don't really enjoy most of the stuff on the popular/main page of Pinterest so this is a great way to tailor the things you see to your taste.

By Miles Redd // Pinned by Katy Elliott


This isn't Facbook, there's no need feel like you have to follow someone just because they're your friend or because you're related to them - this is about inspiration, nothing personal. Since you'll see the pins of people you're following as soon as you log on make sure what comes up are things that are similar to your taste and will hopefully inspire you. A few months ago I went through and made a point to unfollow some boards and people who weren't inspiring me and searched out people who do, and now I'm always excited to log on and see what will pop up.

Photo + Recipe by Bite My Cake // Pinned by Maria Confer


I've talked to a lot of people who feel like they can't do any of the crafts or projects they see on Pinterest. Guess what - that's not true. Most of the things you come across on Pinterest are made by real people, so instead of telling yourself that you can't do it - just try! Of course, it is the internet, and not fact-checked or double-tested. I try out recipes and projects I come across on Pinterest all the time and sometimes they just don't work. Sometimes things are just flukes, but don't take a failure personally. At least try things instead of just letting yourself getting away with saying you can't - because you can! I've also heard people say that Pinterest makes them feel like their life or home or what-not isn't that beautiful and it depresses them. All I can tell you there is that with or without Pinterest you should always love what's in your life! Choose to let Pinterest inspire you if you want to change something, or just appreciate the beauty in someone else's life! There's no need to every let something lovely upset you.

Photo Source // Pinned by Promise Tangeman

Hopefully my little tips help anyone out there who isn't getting the most of out Pinterest. Oh, and by the way, Pinterest didn't sponsor this post or anything like that - I just truly love what they've created and really want everyone to make the most of it! I also included links to the Pinterest pages of the people I found these lovely images through, for anyone looking for someone new to follow. And anyone looking for my page you can follow me here!