Puddle Jumper

             Target Shirt + Boots // F21 Skirt (thrifted) // Thrifted Belt // Homemade Necklace

It's been raining and hot almost every day this week so far. Not so nice. It feels like a giant bowl of soup outside, which is just as gross as it sounds. At night the tempertures have been coming down though and feel, dare I even say it, fall-like. Nice and crisp. I can't say I mind pulling on a nice comfy sweatshirt when I step outside. I am looking forward to being able to layer again during the days to come. I love summer style but after a while I long for a little more diversity in my dressing. It's not so fun to get dressesd for "soup weather", however I'll take the jumping through puddles - that's pretty darn fun.

Gingham Forever

                          J.Crew Dress + Shirt (both thrifted) // Vintage Hat

Even though sometimes I think my personal style has changed a lot since I was a young, when I think about it, there are certain things that are still exactly the same. I can hardly remember a time since I was a kid that I didn't love ginghams and plaids. The only thing that's really changed is how I style them. When I was a a teenager my punk-rock self had an obsession with red and black, so the plaids were always in those colors and almost always paired with a pair of Coverse or knee high lace-up boots. I specifically don't really think about what style category I fall under now, I like to just wear what calls to me and makes me feel good, and that tends to mean lots and lots of gingham and plaid, usually mixed with plenty of dresses and skirts (in khaki or denim please:).

Isn't it funny how much your personal style can change and evolve, but also stay the same in some ways?

Double Duty

                 Old Navy Shirtdress (thrifted) - worn as shirt // J.Crew Skirt (thrifted) // Gap Sandals

                                                       Vintage Belt (thrifted) // Homemade Necklace

One of the biggest things I look for when thrifting are pieces I can easily mix and match with things I already have. I do love fun pieces that are unique and maybe I can only wear with only one or two things, but I try to not let myself get carried away with buying those, but focus on things that can easily mingle with the rest of my wardrobe. This shirtdress is perfect because it really can be both a shirt and a dress. I adored wearing it with leggings as a comfy outfit this winter, and I love wearing it as just a top too. I'm all for getting as much wear out of my clothes as possible!