Rainy Day

OPI Dress// Anthropologie Sweater // Target Tights // Nine West Suede Boots

Does anyone else feel the need to dress obnoxiously colorful on rainy days? no? thought not.

It was super dreary in Philly today. And to add to the dreariness, I had to work despite the fact that the couch was calling my name to just lay around on it all day watching movies with the pup. Oh well.

Wearing... Denim and Frills

Not feeling super talky today (I suppose it's "writey" in this sense) but I'm happy to share with you what I'll be running around at work in today:) I'm wearing a cross zip denim jacket from Gap, a "bling bling" tank (as I like to call it) from J.Crew, Frilly pale skirt from Madewell, Grey Suede boots from Nine West and vintage rings from my great-grandmothers personal collection.