Learning to Deal

Overalls stripe shirt style
Overalls Snow Style
Overalls Stripes Outfit
Winter Overalls style
Winter Overalls Stripes

Free People Overalls, Shirt, and Necklace // Target Boots // Hat made by my Mom

My relationship with snow is definitely that of a love/hate nature. If I have to drive in it, especially if it hits unexpectedly while I'm at work and it takes me three hours to get home, then hate is most definitely the word to describe my feelings. But I do still love a good snowy morning, on a day off, where I can sit with my pups and a big cup of tea and just watch the big flakes fall. It always feels a little magical. I've definitely been trying to learn to separate my feeling of snow. Enjoy its beauty, even though it means I'm freezing and it will possibly mean an extra hard commute. It's definitely a complicated relationship we have, but since it doesn't look like I'll be moving to Hawaii anytime soon, I better enjoy it. 

Mix it up

Fine and Feathered
Fine and Feathered
Fine and Feathered
Fine and Feathered

                  Thrifted Shirt // Gap Sweater + Jeans (both thrifted) // Gap Necklace // Target Hat

                                             Minntonka Moccasins // Bag from The Hope Chest

I'm usually not a huge pattern mixer. I'd say I'm a pretty simple dresser usually. Not that I'm against it, because I think if it's done right then mixing patterns and colors can be really fun, but it also can be easy to drift into the "I threw everything in my closet on my body" look too, which is not so good, so I usually stay away. Stripes and gingham though? I'm pretty sure they were made for each other. A good black and white stripe sweater is officially on my "never be without" list. It's a great pattern to have on hand that can go with fun colors without overpowering everything. Especially when fall is calling for lots of layers!

Stripes + Khaki

  Thrifted Shirt + Belt // Old Navy Blazer (thrifted) // Gap Skirt // Rue21 Necklace // Walmart Sandals

We're getting so close to the big move! I spent most of yesterday sorting through my closet which quickly expanded to fill the big walk-in closet at this house after we moved in. Anything thats semi-wintery is going into storage (YES!) and I recently gave a lot of clothes to some friends, but went back through and decided it's time to get rid of a little more. There's several things that are still in perfect condition that I've worn here on the blog a few times, and I have had a few people ask me about doing a "shop my closet" sort of thing so I'm considering - what do you think? Anyone else done one or bought anything from other bloggers "closets" before? I'd love to hear your opinions/experiences!