Planting // Egg Sprouts

A few weeks ago I came across a photo on tumblr or pinterest of someone starting their plants off in the bottom of eggs. I didn't see any instructions or anything but figured, how hard can it really be? So I started rising out and saving the bottom of my eggs after use. I got a little potting soil and some seeds from our local tractor supply and got it started.

It's pretty darn simple - I filled them up about halfway with potting soil, sprinkled my seeds in each on and then topped off with a little more soil and gave them a little bit of water (just enough to dampen the soil).

I stuck them in my kitchen window, which gets plenty of sun, and gave them a little water whenever the soil started to look dry. One week later and now I have this...

Sprouts! The plants from left to right are Basil, Lettuce and Cherry Tomatoes (I put little pieces of tape on the front to remind myself!). I am going to transfer the lettuce to a nice big pot today, I plan on breaking the egg shell when I replant them, that way they are free to grow as big as they like. I did grow lettuce and several herbs on our deck when we lived in Philly and they did great, but this is my first time growing from seeds so I'm interested in seeing how they do! I'll definitely update with how things turn out:)