Thanksgiving Outfit

What would you do if you woke up and only had the things you were thankful for the day before? 

This past Sunday I visited my sister's church with her and the pastor asked that question, and it really hit me. I usually think of myself as pretty thankful person, and am usually conscious that I am fortunate in a lot of ways, but if I stop and image myself only having what I've taken time to be specifically thankful for, well, I wouldn't have much. It may be cheesy and cliche this time of year to talk about being thankful, but I do think it's an important tradition. Things get crazy, and it's easy for even good things to feel like burdens sometimes, but maybe if we stop to take the time to be thankful for them, even when they do feel heavy, it will make them feel just a little bit lighter. 

Free People Shirt // Vintage Skirt (thrifted) // Old Navy Shoes // DIY Necklace

Fall Outfit Details
Fall Outfit with Dog

I'm especially thankful for puppies, even when they insist on being in all of your photos. 


                                                           Gap Shirt // Vintage Skirt + Belt

Some of my favorite old Anthropologie catalogues are the ones that just feel really cozy. Big sweaters, soft lighting, warm colors, all that stuff. I actually put this skirt up for sale both in my Etsy and on my INSTAsale, but it's stuck around and I'm actually really glad it did. It's so lovely, and it's heavier, which means it's perfect for this fall. I definitely will be hanging onto it. I almost feel like it could be right from Anthro.

I loved the look of the fun, colorful skirt, with such a basic shirt. It's a classic look that's so easy and simple. It's one of those outfits you can kind of just throw on and not have to fuss or overthink things.

This is part of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHROPOLOGIE week - you can read about it here!

Finding what works

                          Gap Shirt + Flats // Gap Skirt (thrifted) // Anthropologie Belt // H&M Hat 

Until I sat down to write this I didn't even realize I was wearing almost all Gap. I actually miss their older stuff like this. The last year or two whenever I walk into their stores I've felt like their new collections are a little too trendy for me. They used to be so amazing with classics, it was all things that you could own for years and years and it wouldn't go out of style because it was pretty timeless. Last time I was in one of their stores I saw a whole lot of neon, and I am not a neon girl, at all. I've seen plenty of people make it look cute, but it's just not something that I could ever see myself wearing.

I have no problems with trends, I think they're a natural progression of things actually. However I think it's important to be able to look at a trend and know whether you love it because it's something that fits with you and your personal style, or whether you maybe like it just because you're seeing a whole lot of it (I've totally caught myself warming to a trend simply because I've seen it so many times). I just saw on another blog that apparenly knotting your shirt is a big trend this summer, and that is a trend that I can fully and totally support. Trends like chevron though, I adore on others and love the pattern itself, but I just never felt like it was something that went with my style.

Have you guys come across trends you adore but decided they weren't quite right for you? I think it's interesting to continually be discovering more about my personal style and what works for me.