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DIY : Card Keeper

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Let me just start by saing - sorry for the insanely irratic posting lately! While I was in NYC Friday night a big storm came through and we lost power at the house until late Sunday night. So most of the weekend was spent at other people's homes trying to keep cool. So I'm all thrown off, but am working on getting back to my "regularaly scheduled blogging" heh:)

Anyway! Remember the season keeper I made the other day? I was not at all kidding when I said it's my favorite new way to keep momentos and what-not and have already been working on going through my old "memory boxes" and getting things bound and pretty.

Like most girls, I have an entire box of just stuff from when me and my husband were dating (and since we've been married too!) and figured it was time to sort through it and try to organize it. We've traveled together quite a bit during the last few years we've been together and I always try to keep the card-keys from hotel rooms to hold onto and realized it would be perfect to bind them together so we can look through and remember all those fun places we've been:)

Fine and Feathered Blog

Some of the cards I had already written dates and places on, but some I hadn't. So I started by writing out when and where the key card was from. The rest is pretty much the same as the Season Keeper, but with only one hole at the top corner. You really will need a Cropadile for this project though, since I highly doubt that a regular hole punch will even come close to being able to bite through the plastic.

I put them in order from oldest to newest and then used one of the same book rings I used for the other project on these, and they were all done!

Fine and Feathered Blog

Super simple and quick - my favorite kind of project!