Rainy Day

OPI Dress// Anthropologie Sweater // Target Tights // Nine West Suede Boots

Does anyone else feel the need to dress obnoxiously colorful on rainy days? no? thought not.

It was super dreary in Philly today. And to add to the dreariness, I had to work despite the fact that the couch was calling my name to just lay around on it all day watching movies with the pup. Oh well.

Color Theory

Dress, tights, bag & wedges from Target // Anthropologie Cardigan// Thrifted belt // Vintage Bangle // Earrings (??)

During the year I spent at Drexel I took basic principals of Design and Color Theory. We worked purely in black&white and I flew through basic principals like a pro. Then Color Theory came. Ugh. My professor was astounded. I went from top-dog to living in some sort of haze of purples and blues. I was lost. I don't have any idea why color has always stumped me, but when it comes to art it's always been easier for me to do charcoal drawings than colorful paintings.

The thing is, when it comes to dressing, color can be one of the most fun things. Back when I was a punk-rocker in my teenie bopper days I had this pair of bright pink pants that I adored and would put on as soon as they came out of the laundry. So maybe I'm a little color-challenged when it comes to acryllic paintings of triangles and squares (since that is what you paint in color theory hehe), but I am glad to embrace some funky colors here and there into my wardrobe.

P.S. when I got dress this morning I totally didn't realize that I was almost head to toe in Target apparel. Just goes to show that the bullseye has got it goin' on:)

Purple People Eater

I am feeling very purpley today.

I couldn't help myself but to pull out my uber cool giant purple sunglasses I scored at a thrift store a while back for all of fifty cents (big spender... I know). That mixed with the tie-dye dress makes me feel a little "psychedelic" I guess you could say.

O.P.I Dress // Gap Sandals // Vintage Belt & Sunglasses

P.S. does anyone else remember the purple people eater?