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Simple Burlap Table Runner

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A couple months ago I was wandering through Pottery Barn and fell in love with a lovely little fall table they had set up with all sorts of beautiful pumpkins and pretty little plates and what-not and it was all tied together with this cute and simple burlap table runner that went right down the middle. I quickly had a little light-bulb moment and thought about how easy it'd be to make one, customize it, and save like, thrity dollars. Oh yes, love it. Of course, our dining table is round so it hung a little funny, but it ended up being perfect for our buffet/dresser that's also in the dining room.

Supplies : Burlap (measure your table to figure out the right size for you), stencils (you can find these at most craft stores in a variety of fonts and sizes), acrylic or all-purpose craft paint, foam brush

Cut your burlap to size and using your stencils (it's best to start from your middle letter and work your way out) and use your foam brush to dab the paint on until it's filled. Allow to dry - enjoy:)