Minset Master Social // Event Recap!

Mindset Master Social Event Recap on the Josie Feather Blog

On a rainy Sunday morning I found myself squeezing into a crowded little hall. I quickly got myself checked into the Mindset Mast Social. The beautiful woman at the desk greeted me with a warm smile and gave me my goody bag. I’m not sure if they technically call them goody bags, but anytime I’m handed a bag filled with snacks I count it as a one.

I stood on the edge of the doorway for a few minutes, watching other little groups chat and laugh together. I don’t typically go to events alone. I mean, who wants to, right? No one wants to be the one person without a group safety net to catch them if they blunder through an odd encounter, or the event ends up royally sucking.

This year I’ve challenged myself to go outside of my comfort zone. I’ve changed so much in the past few years I’ve found it can be hard to find people already in my circle who are as passionate about the same things I am, so I’ve given myself a little goal to be brave and venture to events and meet-ups based around some of the things that have become so important to me. When I came across The Positivity Charge, I was so excited to see a group of women with such a great mission, and when I saw that they’re doing a few events in Philly this year I made myself sign up without letting myself overthink it.

That’s how I found myself on Sunday at the Mindset Master Social. I really didn’t know what to expect, but when we were lead upstairs I was more than happy to help myself to a mimosa and find a seat. I was immediately grateful to be sitting next to someone else who happened to come alone. A sweet and lovely lady from Lancaster. Bonus points to her for telling me about her dog, that’s the quickest way to my heart.

After everyone settled there were some quick introductions and then we jumped into…

wait for itttttt….


You heard me right. Well, technically it’s called “Cacao Sound Meditation” which sounds a lot fancier. Even as someone who’s not some crazy chocolate lover I was super intrigued. I’ve been trying out some meditation techniques lately to help focus my ever jam-packed brain, so I was excited to participate a led meditation.

It was lead by Jalpa Dhaduk, who started us off with some basic meditation, and then we slowly ate little bits of chocolate, really taking our time and focusing on all of the different senses. She pointed out how usually when we have chocolate we just shove it in our mouths and are quickly looking for more, but slowling down and really savoring the entire experience helped to focus my mind on the moment. Although mine was melting in my hand a little, so I won’t lie, my brain was also going “GET A NAPKIN NOW YOU WEIRDO”. You win some, you lose some.


After that we moved onto the keynote talk with Doctor Colleen Reichmann. Holy moley, is she a woman after my own heart. I honestly wasn’t expecting to hear a talk that was so on point with things running around my own head recently. She started by opening up about her own struggles with an eating disorder. Then she so eloquently explained how we all live somewhere on the mental health spectrum, even though not everyone crosses the border into actual disorders. She did such a great job explaining how some of us are born with some predispositions to mental health problems that start us off farther down the spectrum towards disorders, and things like stressors and environment can push us over that border.

Her main point revolved around how common mental health problems are and how important it is to learn to treat them just like we would regular health issues, ditching the stigma, and learning to embrace proactive care. I actually have a whole page of notes on my phone from the talk!


Like I mentioned before, I didn’t want to overthink going to the event, so I didn’t spend much time even looking at the event list, so by this point in the morning I was thinking “did they really just go inside my brain and steal all these ideas?!”. I finally started journaling again this year after not doing any for over ten years. I absolutely loved it as a teenager, but quickly ditched it when I was paranoid that someone was reading it. This year I dove back in, and have been really loving it.

The co-founders of The Positivity Charge, Parisha and Dr. Rubina led the journaling workshop and went over the benefits of journaling, and gave us tons of useful prompts and idea of how to really take full advantage of journaling.


Like I mentioned, going to events alone is generally not my jam, but this was so worth it. Even though I felt some low-key social anxiety almost all morning, getting to hear from and talk to people about things that have been so close to my heart lately was refreshing and exciting. I’m actually really excited for The Positivity Charge Conference in August to get a little more out of my shell, meet some new people, and really connect!

An Afternoon in Philly

Fine and Feathered - Philadelphia Guide

Philly, you will always have a special little place in my heart, even if we were to move a million miles away, I'd still love you and think of you often. Especially the food. Oh, the food. 

Me and my husband have always made our dates about good food. Ever since we were dating, we were excited to finally be able to experiment with food, and after growing up in a rural area where TGI Fridays are considered fancy, we could choose to indulge ourselves with an incredible meal. We've essentially eaten our way through Philly, and what I love more that anything, is that we never seem to run out of amazing new spots to try. 

Whether it's super fancy, or casual bars with some kick-butt food, Philly has literally got it all, I swear. If you live around Philly and haven't tried some of the amazing eats it has to offer, well shame, shame, I know your name.

Fine and Feathered - Philadelphia Guide Revolution House
Fine and Feathered - Philadelphia Guide Reveolution House

This past weekend I had something crazy, and totally unexpected happen - I three days off in a row. Amazing, I know. I'm still basking in the glow of it.   

Saturday, Frank and I decided to spend the day together and enjoy the city. We quickly realized that going anywhere past Broad street was pure mayhem. Between the Rittenhouse Festival, and all the events at the Art Museum, it was crazy. But that's fine with us, because we adore East Philly. Walking through Old City always feels like I'm at home, and I think it may always feel that way to me.

We had lunch at Revolution House. We sat on the roof deck and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I had grilled cheese, he had a cheese steak (which he snagged a bite of before I had a chance to snap a picture. I don't blame him at all though, it smelled amazing). Our food was delicious, the view was lovely, and the service was great. I spotted several diners around us with delicious looking drinks that still have me kicking myself for not getting one (next time, though). 

Fine and Feathered - Philadelphia Guide Physick House

After lunch we wandered through Society Hill. If you ever see two kids in their mid twenties walking around society hill, pointing and commenting on all the of the historic architecture, well, that's us. We're geeks.

We were excited because we were finally able to grab a tour of the Physick House, which we've been wanting to do for some time, but it always seemed to be closed when we were around. 

It was lovely, and interesting. We were lucky to get on a tour with only two other ladies, so it was intimate. They have so much of the family's original furniture too, which is fascinating. I also loved getting to meet the great great (great great great?) grandson of Dr. Physick which actually lives in the house today! 

Fine and Feathered - Philadelphia Guide Physick House

After the tour we did a little more walking, and got some drinks and relaxed a bit. PS - if you're ever in the area and looking for your coffee fix, I love Menagerie Coffee, although Old City has plenty of other great cafes as well. 

I've talked about before how I feel Old City has some of the best small boutiques in the city, and I still stand by it. So, of course, I couldn't help popping in Art in the Age while I was in the area. 

Fine and Feathered - Philadelphia Guide Art in the Age
Fine and Feathered - Philadelphia Guide Art in the Age

Last time I was in I wanted to check out their Warby Parker collection, but it was pretty packed. I was lucky this time though, and the shop was nice and quiet. I went ahead and tried on basically every pair, and fell in love with the ones below. I'm thinking I definitely need to order them, right?? Besides my obsession with a new pair of glass, I just always love to check out what brands and artist's their carrying currently, because they're always interesting.  

I need to stop and mention something here, my husband has a killer talent for finding the best places to eat. Seriously, don't ever give me credit for finding the good food, because it's always him. While I was goofing around in the shops, he found our dinner spot. 

Fine and Feathered - Philadelphia Guide Pizzeria Beddia

How to explain Pizzeria Beddia? The whole operation seems to be two guys - one makes the pizza, the other takes the orders. They don't have a phone, they don't deliver, and they only make so many. You come in, you pay cash, and they tell you when your pizza will be ready. It was a Saturday night, and we got there around 6:30 and we're told to come back at 7:40 for our pizza. It's not fast food, it's not convenient food, but it's damn good pizza. Pardon my french. 

They have two standing tables to eat at if you really want to dig right into your pizza there, but instead we grabbed some drinks from the grocery store across the street (which also looked pretty amazing, and I could see myself wandering around in and spending too much money at someday), and headed to one of the parks on water. We grabbed a bench, and munched on our pizza. The cheese, by the way, is just plain incredible, I may dream about it for weeks. We made some doggie friends, and were greeted by some unexpected, but totally welcomed, fireworks. 

I couldn't complain if I tried.

An Afternoon in Philly // Pub and Kitchen + Termini Bros

Termini bros philadelphia

(A cupcake and cheesecake from Termini Bros)

Philly is such a great city. It's literally packed with a ton of absolutely incredible restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, and cafes. Not to mention the shopping, all the history of the city, and some really fun tourist attractions and parks. Even after living there, and spending a large amount of days off in the city, we still are always finding new things to do, restaurants to try, or going back and revisiting some of our favorites. 

I know that sometimes the hardest part of planning little day trips are figuring out what to do, so I decided I would start blogging about some of our little adventures (or sometimes just mine:) when we visit. Hopefully these posts will give you some inspiration if you live in the area and are looking to change things up, or if you're just visiting and maybe looking for other things than just want you'll find on the basic tourist websites. I also love the idea of just doing it for myself to be able to look back at all the fun things we've done!

Pub and Kitchen Philadelphia

On Valentines Day Frank flew back in from a job he was away for, so he suggested having lunch in the city and making our own little dinner that night. I loved that idea! Personally, I'm not huge on going out for dinner on Valentines Day. Restaurants are always packed and most do specific (more limited) menus. I just don't feel like I get the true experience of the restaurant on days like that. But lunch is a much more relaxed affair. 

Pub and Kitchen sits only a couple blocks away from Rittenhouse, but in a spot with a much more neighborhood feel to it. It was lightly snowing as we walked up to the painted brick exterior and turned the charming little antique door knobs. The bar is clearly a main attraction of the space, and it greets you immediately. We sat at a quaint little table between several other couples right off the bar. I love that their brunch menu (which is only served on the weekends) includes a good mix of breakfast and lunch and isn't just heavy on one or the other. Of course, I couldn't resist getting actually breakfast, and Frank tried one of their burgers. For how busy this little place was, our food actually came out fairly quickly. Frank let me steal some of his fries, which made me kind of wish I just had a whole plate of them. I love those shoe-string extra crispy fries like they have! Yum yum yum.

Pub and Kitchen Philadelphia Burger
Pub and Kitchen Philadelphia Brunch

I was glad we had come at the end of the brunch rush though, since it was quite loud when we first got there, but quieted down as we ate. It's definitely a place I would go back from brunch to again though, my eggs and bacon were especially delicious, and I would love to try a burger too. It's also in a pretty great spot too, since it's not right in the middle of the Rittenhouse craziness finding a parking spot wasn't too bad (which is always something to consider in Philly!). 

Termini Bros Bakery Philadelphia

Termini Brothers Bakery is one of those places that just oozes with vintage charm. From the old school neon sign that greets you a block away, to the antique counters piled with traditional Italian sweets. Since we decided to make our own Valentines dinner we thought we would treat ourselves and bring home dessert!

This was our first time at Termini's and decided to go right to their flagship store in south Philly. Of course, the whole feel of the store stole my heart, with its original tiled floors and tin ceiling. We did a lap around the bakery to survey the goodies, and I had a hard time deciding between their amazing looking Tiramisu or a cupcake. But it was Valentines Day after all, so how could I pass up something covered in pink and red and topped with a heart? Frank got a slice of their classic cheesecake, and while one of the sweet girls was ringing us up an older man insisted we take one of their unique chocolate covered bananas, on the house. Needless to say, everything was delicious and had that perfectly unique Italian bakery taste. I was actually a little scared to try the banana, but it ended up being amazing! Color me smitten.

Termini Bros Bakery Cupcakes Philadelphia
Termini Bros Italian Bakery Philadelphia

Since it was snowing, we headed home to enjoy a quiet Valentine together, but I've already been thinking up a long list of things I can't wait to do this summer and new places I want to try! Oh summer, come a little faster, won't you?