pants to shorts

A Short(s) Story

          Gap Shirt // Dockers pants/shorts (thrifted) // Anthropologie Belt // Minnetonka Moccasins

                         Thrifted Belt (worn as bracelet) // Target Hat //Bag from The Hope Chest

Sometimes when I hear my more petite friends complain about pants being too long I just have to bite my tongue. When pants are too long you at least can get them hemmed. When pants are too short however, you can't just add length to them. When I tried on these pants in the thrift store my heart sunk for a moment when I realized they were too short and just looked insanely awkward. Then I decided they were the perfect canidate to make into shorts! Since my sewing machine went back into storage again I just cut them straight across and rolled them up a little. Easy, and now I am totally in love! 

Oh, and yes, I am totally wearing this hat again. I found it in the men's section at target last week and cannot get enough of it. Hats are the best.