Beach Days

Fine and Feathered - Beach Style
Fine and Feathered - Beach Style

Free People Shirt + Jeans // Target Hat // Old Navy Boots

Last year I allowed myself to get caught up in the craziness that tends to ensue during the summer, running from work to appointments, and stuffing as much house work in as I could. Before I knew it, it was all over and I had only been to the beach twice. For someone whose lived most of her life about a half hour from the shore, that's simply a crime. This year I'm making myself slow down, and take the time to stick my toes in the sand and appreciate a few moments of the sunshine whenever I can. 

Fine and Feathered - Beach Style

I work with Kristin, and when she went down to Sea Isle on vacation, and invited me to come down one morning and hang out and take some photos together, I couldn't say no. Honestly, there's nothing like being at the shore first thing in the morning. An empty stretch of sandy beaches, all silent and still before the tourists arrive with carts full of umbrellas, chairs, and toys. There's still a little bit of chill in the air before the sun breaks through in full force for the day. It's my favorite time of day. You can sit quietly with a cup of coffee in hand, and breathe in the salt air. More mornings should be spent that way.

Fine and Feathered - Beach Style
Fine and Feathered - Beach Style
Fine and Feathered - Beach Style

All photos by Kristin Greco

Sometimes Change is Awesome

Free People Austin Dress Fall Style

I'm generally someone who stays fairly within her comforts zones when it comes to clothing. I know what I like to wear, and I'll buy it over and over again. A plaid shirt, a white lacey dress, a great black hat. Change from that can seem a little daunting. But then every once and a while something that is quite different than the rest of my "norms" reaches out and grabs me, and I just can't walk away from it. That's what happened with this dress. 

We have what we call a "onsie" rack in our store. They're pieces that we only have one of, whether because the rest of the item sold well and that's all that's left, or because it was returned and we never had it to begin with. I was searching for a dress to wear to NYC last week and this dress almost literally reached from the rack and grabbed me. I resisted even trying it on at first because, orange?! I have always avoided oranges when it comes to clothing. But my attemts to resist were futile, and I fell completely in love with it. 

Free People Fall Style Hat
Fall Style Dress Boots Denim Jacket Hat
Free People Strappy Back Bra

Free People Dress, Bra, and Necklace // Jacket c/o Sweet Nectar // Target Hat // Nine West Boots

So I learned a very valuable lesson... sometimes change can be scary, but sometimes when change comes in the form of a super comfy dress that has pockets and a super fun cut out in the back, then change is pretty awesome.

Have you branched out recently and gave something you might normally not a try?

Fall Style Bright Dress Tall Boots

Steve + Demi-Brooke

I've known Demi-Brooke and her husband Steve for a while now and was so excited to get to photograph them! They actually are the two behind db Photography, so they're plenty used to being behind the lens, but they're so cute together that they're naturals in front of it too. They were great sports and showed off their longboarding skills, and even tried to teach me (by the way, not a great sport for those of us who are super clumsy...). It was so great to photograph such an adorable and fun couple, they have me so excited to shoot even more:)

Make sure you check out their website and blog!