Fine and Feathered Snow Day Winter Style
Fine and Feathered Snow Day Winter Style
Fine and Feathered Snow Day Winter Style
Fine and Feathered Snow Day Winter Style

Hollister Sweater // Target Jeans, Boots & Hat // Urban Outfitters Jacket //
Habitual Threads Necklace

March is always such a tease. It's definitely one of my least favorite months. I'm well past any good feelings about winter and am waking up everyday desperately hoping it might be warm. But the truth is, March is rarely warm, and usually piles plenty of snow on top of our blooming daffodils. Of course, I still can't resist running out in the snow to take a few pictures, it definitely has a little magic to it that you can't beat, even if you would much rather be running around 80 degrees and a bathing suit instead.

Casual Monday

        Thrifted Shirt + Shoes // Target Shorts (thrifted) // Anthropologie Belt // Antique Necklace

I wish I had something witty or fun to say today but I've spent the majority of the weekend taking and editing 700+ photos and I still have more to do and more to take, so I think my brain is officially computer-fried. Me and the husband and grabbing lunch together today though so hopefully a big helping of mac+cheese will clear my little brain fog here:)

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday!

Stripes + Khaki

  Thrifted Shirt + Belt // Old Navy Blazer (thrifted) // Gap Skirt // Rue21 Necklace // Walmart Sandals

We're getting so close to the big move! I spent most of yesterday sorting through my closet which quickly expanded to fill the big walk-in closet at this house after we moved in. Anything thats semi-wintery is going into storage (YES!) and I recently gave a lot of clothes to some friends, but went back through and decided it's time to get rid of a little more. There's several things that are still in perfect condition that I've worn here on the blog a few times, and I have had a few people ask me about doing a "shop my closet" sort of thing so I'm considering - what do you think? Anyone else done one or bought anything from other bloggers "closets" before? I'd love to hear your opinions/experiences!