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Meet Weston

We have a new family member! This is Weston. He's a Corgie mix that we adopted this weekend. We had only just started looking around at shelters when we came across him. We've horribly missed our Krammer over the last month and a half and decided it was maybe time to start looking at some local shelters. I knew it was an easy trap to fall into to look for another dog like our Krammer so we really were keeping an open mind, and I'm glad we did. Weston is a lot different then we're used to, but he is one of the sweetest and smartest little guys. He also loved to play and take car rides so I'm pretty excited to take him on trips this summer. Oh, and he loves his chicken sisters too, so that's a plus! It's so amazing to me that a dog like him was abandoned, he really is such a great little guy.

How was everyone's weekend?