Sometimes all you need is a dress

Anthropologie Dress (from a few years ago) // Vintage belt & Shoes (thrifted)

There's something to be said for those simple, but fantastic pieces of clothing. 

The ones that are so great on their own, they barely need anything added to be a great outfit. 

Three or four years back I briefly worked for Anthropologie. I actually was part of a store opening team and it was extra fun since I got to help with a little bit of everything, not to mention,

the discount

. Not long after the store opened I decided it wasn't the exact right place for me, and I hated traveling so far just to work there. But thankfully I snagged this dress before I left and am so glad I did.

It's both simple and fun/unique at the same time. It looks great paired with things, but on days (like this) where the weather's still hot and you don't feel like layering, it's lovely all on its own. And even though I don't wear it a lot, it's one of those pieces I absolutely will keep for years and years untill I can pass it on to an appreciative neice or someone somday.

Do you have any pieces that you love wearing solo?

Wearing... Vintage and Thrifted

Thrifting, baking, and waiting for my amazing boy to fly back to me today. It's all overcast and chilly today. I thought the day needed some color and pulled out this vintage dress to brighten things up and couldn't help but put out some of my other thrifted finds:)

Today I'm wearing.. Vintage 1960's Green Dress, Thrifted Gap Cardigan, Thrifted boy's braided leather belt, Knee High Socks from Asos (only thing not thrifted!), Vintage Cowboy Boots, Thrifted bag, and Vintage 1960s Houndstooth coat.