Christmas Tree in a Jar

My mom is getting together a little Christmas package to send to my "japanese sister" (the exchange student who lived with my family all last year) and asked me to make a little something. I wasn't sure what to make, but I've been seeing these little faux-terrariums (well, really they're just miniature diaramas I guess, but that doesn't sound very magical, does it?) and I happened across a bunch of little bottle-brush Christmas trees at a thrift store and thought it might be fun to make her a little "Christmas tree in a Jar" since she lives on one of the more tropical islands.

It's super simple. Starting with a plain ol' mason jar (or really any jar, and it can depend on what size tree you have), I hot-glued the bottle-brush tree (these are easy to find in craft stores too) to the lid. I used some pretzel salt we had (you could also use that "snow in a can" stuff they have at craft stores) and glued some around the base of the tree and added just a little extra to the jar for "loose snow". Then I glued the lid and ring onto the jar (just to make sure there's no accidents).

This is so quick and cute, I feel like it would be a great craft to do with little kids. Plus, they would probably love giving it a shake and seeing all the "snow" fly around:)

One for the kids

Gap Kids Chambray & Eyelet Dress // Vintage Belt & Sunglasses // Handmade Necklace

For a few years now I've been made fun of for wearing kids clothes. Then I came across quite a few other bloggers who do it. And even Gap Mag blog asked about grown-ups wearing kiddo clothing. Well it's about time. If I find something cute and fun and I wanna wear it, I don't care if it's from the womens section or even the little boys or girls section, I'll wear it gosh-darn it!

What Wesley's Wearing

May I introduce you to my little nephew?Isn't he just way too cute? He likes to stay over once a week and tear everything in the house apart and have epic play-battles with our kitten and thoroughly annoy my dog to no end. And of course, I cannot help myself when it comes to getting him clothes, so with his mommy's permission I thought I'd show you just how darn cute and stylin' this boy already is.

I happened to catch him while him and the kitty were watching Dispicable Me. Wes is wearing Gap Skinny Jeans and a Children's Place button-down shirt I thrifted for $1.50!