Christmas Tree in a Jar

My mom is getting together a little Christmas package to send to my "japanese sister" (the exchange student who lived with my family all last year) and asked me to make a little something. I wasn't sure what to make, but I've been seeing these little faux-terrariums (well, really they're just miniature diaramas I guess, but that doesn't sound very magical, does it?) and I happened across a bunch of little bottle-brush Christmas trees at a thrift store and thought it might be fun to make her a little "Christmas tree in a Jar" since she lives on one of the more tropical islands.

It's super simple. Starting with a plain ol' mason jar (or really any jar, and it can depend on what size tree you have), I hot-glued the bottle-brush tree (these are easy to find in craft stores too) to the lid. I used some pretzel salt we had (you could also use that "snow in a can" stuff they have at craft stores) and glued some around the base of the tree and added just a little extra to the jar for "loose snow". Then I glued the lid and ring onto the jar (just to make sure there's no accidents).

This is so quick and cute, I feel like it would be a great craft to do with little kids. Plus, they would probably love giving it a shake and seeing all the "snow" fly around:)

Christmas Excitement at Terrain

Vintage Wrangler Shirt // Thrifted Skirt & Boots // Gap Kids Coat

Target Tights // Scarf c/o A Pirates Yarn

Yesterday me and my mamma spent a few hours wandering through Terrain. I like to go up there once every season or so just to get inspired, take in all their amazing displays, and drool over literally everything. It absolutely got me in the Christmas-y spirit! People were buzzing all around picking up trees and buying gifts, it was great. Did I mentioned it snowed just the tiniest bit? yep. Crazy magical.

How was everyones Thanksgiving?