Flat Love

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I used to wear heels a lot. So much so that one of my friends always joked that he knew it was me in the college hallways when he heard heels clacking. Gradually though I started wearing (and buying) heels less and less to the point where now I only have two pairs in my closet, and they don't see the sun much. The other night I came across an interview with Gayle Spannaus (J.Crew's talented fashion director) and I love how much she talked about flats! I really loved when she mentioned pairing shorter skirts with flats. I think a lot of the time us girls tend to think if were wearing a skirt you naturally put heels with it, but I just adore the pulled together, yet totally casual tomboy vibe you get when putting loafers or oxfords with skirts.

What's your guys take on things, are you a heel addict, flats only, or somewhere in between?

Decisions, Decisions

                                   H&M Shirt (thrifted) // Gap Jeans + Flats // UO Bag (thrifted)

I've been having that itch. You know, that hair-cutting itch. I always keep my hair pretty long (my husband couldn't believe how long my hair was when I was little when we watched old home movies the other night), but the ends are extra damaged now because of the ombre and so I sometimes get a little crazy and start picking at the split ends - not good. But I know I'll miss it's length even if only cut a couple inches off. 

I guess that's what you get when your a little crazy:) Hope everyone's Monday is lovely!