A Day at the Fair

It's that time of year when every other week is a local county or 4H fair and I adore it! I'm excited to go this week to see my friend and her students show their horses, and cry over wanting to bring home a goat and a couple bunnies (the norm, ya know). Of course, I get daydreamy about what to wear even to a country fair, and you know I'm all about keeping it pretty simple and classic. My favorite thing about all of these peices is that they could be easily mixed with other things nd wouldn't be just a one-time-wear, which is something over the years I've learned to say no to, even when I love something, if I can't wear it more then one way then it's probably not worth it.

Coffee Bean There Bag // Pretty much completely in love with this bag. It's gorgeous, has tons of pockets, and looks like it could easily fit my camera in it too, so extra points for that!

Show Jumping Horse Print Dress // A horse print dress. Um, yeah. No need for further comment.

Arrowstack Necklace // So lovely! I could see myself wearing it everyday

Leica M7 // I'll just keep on dreaming:)

Panama Hat // I've been looking for a classic Panama hat for a while now and this one looks so perfect (of course it's J.Crew - I find myself drooling over a different hat there every season it seems).


                              Gap Shirt // Vintage Skirt (thrifted) // H&M Hat // Walmart Sandals

I just want to take a second to say thanks to you guys who commented on my post yesterday asking for opinions. Everyone was so sweet (as always!) and one comment from Kistina particularly struck me, she mentioned that I sound like I feel a bit "unsettled". It was one of those little comments that hits you and you go "YES, YES! THATS EXACTLY IT". Right now I am definitely feeling unsettled in a million and one ways. We were always sure that we'd find ourselves a house long before the one we've been renting sold, but we didn't. Then this one house we put an offer in on seemed so sure and we thought we'd be under contract way before we had to move out of here, but it didn't work out. Now we have ourselves, two dogs, and two chickens and no real idea what things will look like for the long term.

But I'm really trying to not let myself get too crazy but just feel confident that things will work out for the best in the end. And of course, what's more stress-relieving then wearing a horsey skirt? heh!

Double Duty

Fine and Feathered Blog
Fine and Feathered Blog
Fine and Feathered Blog

Target Dress (worn as top) // Vintage Skirt, Shoes & Belt (thrifted) // Loft Blazer (thrifted)

It's great to get extra wears out of clothing. I hate wearing the same thing the same way more then twice. It's definitely challenging, but I usually manage pretty well (at least, I think!). This denim dress has always been one of my favorites and I wear it a lot, especially during the fall and winter. So finding a wear to wear it as a top is extra awesome since it gives a thin skirt an extra layer to keep warm. Score.

Fine and Feathered Blog
Fine and Feathered Blog