Adventure time

Gap (RED) shirt // J.Crew Khaki Shorts // Moccasins & Bag are thrifted // DreamCatcher Earrings handmade by me

Getting ready to run out to the craft store and get a few little things for a project I'm working on today (I LOVE the craft store... it's an odd addiction for an early twenty-something girl, I know). I always forget how much I love these earrings until I throw them on. anywho, day off + craft project = kind of boringish outfit. but I'm comfy so whatever:)

And now I'm 6 foot 2

Gap Strapless Dress // Wedges by Dolce Vita for Target // Everything else was either thrifted or I can't remember how they turned up

I have been eying these wedges by Dolce Vita for Target for quite a bit now. And yes, I realize I am already 5 foot 11 and have no need for mega wedges like these (part of the reason I didn't run out and buy them the day I spotted them online) but alas, it was fate. Me and my lil' brother went thrifting this afternoon and I happened to come across these brand new, never been worn, pretty little things sitting on a shelf. I am sticking to the story that God sent me these shoes, and after all, who am I to fight with Him?

Oh and PS...thanks to my little bro for snapping these pictures for me:)

Wearing... Gingham and Whiskers

Meet Whiskers. Him and his two sisters were born in our garage this summer (their mother was a neighborhood stray that, of course, we couldn't help but feed and look after). The little girls quickly found homes and we decided to keep Whiskers for ourselves. Last week however, he snuck out and disappeared. After a week with no sign of him I had almost given up hope. Then, yesterday morning, when my mom went to let the dog in she heard him. Trapped in the neighbors back yard my mom scooped him up and he was incredibly happy to be home.

Today I'm wearing... Gingham dress from Anthropologie, cardigan from Gap (thrifted), vintage flower earrings.