Fall Sweater Dress Outfit

F21 Sweater / Vintage Gap Denim Jacket / Nine West Boots / Free People Socks / UO Necklace / Thrifted Bag

Isn't it funny how fall has a way of making you slow down and think about things. I find myself thinking more even about silly little things, like what to wear. Summer is all about throwing on cut offs and a tank and getting to work (or fun!), but come fall I take the time to consider what I'm wearing. Will I be warm enough? Will I be happy in what I'm wearing?

In a lot of ways it feels good to refocus my brain and think a lot of things over more in-depthly. Blogging has been this faint whisper in the back of my brain most of the summer. Maybe I'll come back to it, maybe not. Then it became more distinct. A conversation I had with myself, saying it may be time. 

A Change of Scenery

Fine and Feathered - Vintage Denim Dress
Fine and Feathered - Vintage Denim Dress
Fine and Feathered - Vintage Denim Dress

 Vintage Gap Dress // Vintage Scarf // Target Hat // Old Navy Boots

Sometimes standing in the woods is the cure to so many ailments. Disappointments, for sure. After having a hard day last week, I got home from work, and almost immediately grabbed my camera and headed back out. We live right down the street from our city park. Acres and acres of untamed, wild woods and streams. There's always new nooks and crannies of it to explore. Growing up we lived in the middle of the woods, and I remember countless hours during the summers spent just wandering around through the trees, so I always feel at home in the woods. 

It felt really cathartic to take some photos and focus my brain on more creative tasks, instead of letting myself wallow in the day, which is so easy to do. It's a great reminder that when things are feeling crazy, to just go. Give yourself a little change of scenery and work on something totally different. Don't sit and feel bad for yourself, do something different.

I also played with shooting some video too. It's been a while since I've dabbled, but I really enjoy it. It's such a totally different game, that it's fun to just experiment and see what I can come up with. It's definitely something I'd love to learn about (hint hint, those of you who are much more talented, I'd love to hear your tips! :) I still have some things I'm struggling with, but practice makes perfect, right?

A Day at the Fair

It's that time of year when every other week is a local county or 4H fair and I adore it! I'm excited to go this week to see my friend and her students show their horses, and cry over wanting to bring home a goat and a couple bunnies (the norm, ya know). Of course, I get daydreamy about what to wear even to a country fair, and you know I'm all about keeping it pretty simple and classic. My favorite thing about all of these peices is that they could be easily mixed with other things nd wouldn't be just a one-time-wear, which is something over the years I've learned to say no to, even when I love something, if I can't wear it more then one way then it's probably not worth it.

Coffee Bean There Bag // Pretty much completely in love with this bag. It's gorgeous, has tons of pockets, and looks like it could easily fit my camera in it too, so extra points for that!

Show Jumping Horse Print Dress // A horse print dress. Um, yeah. No need for further comment.

Arrowstack Necklace // So lovely! I could see myself wearing it everyday

Leica M7 // I'll just keep on dreaming:)

Panama Hat // I've been looking for a classic Panama hat for a while now and this one looks so perfect (of course it's J.Crew - I find myself drooling over a different hat there every season it seems).