Five Things to Make and Wear this Summer

I still LOVE maxi skirts! This one I made last summer is super comfy. I am already planning on making another one, and this time I may add slits up either side to give a little extra movement to it too.

Fine and FEathered - Simple Bead Necklace

Necklaces are a great way to make a more casual outfit feel just a bit more finished. I made this Beaded Neacklace a few years ago and still throw it on regularly - I love it with just a tee shirt and jeans!

Headbands can be your best friend when you're having a bad hair day. This one is easy to make and all you need is strip of fabric!

Fine and Feathered - Feather Hat DIY

You can come across really cute hats at thrift stores, but sometimes some of the decorations on them can be a little funky. Give an old hat a little makeoverwith feathers and fall in love with it again! 

Another great accessory for a bad hair day is a head scarf! This one I added a fun print to with some simple stamping.

Washi Tape

Fine and Feathered Blog
Fine and Feathered Blog

I know I'm way behind on the Washi Tape game, but I finally let myself buy a couple of rolls this week and am already completely hooked! For a girl who adores paper crafts, gift wrapping, and just plain cute things, this stuff is addictive! I'm already planning on making these a "treat" and buying a few new colors/patterns each season. Right now I'm completely in love with polka dots and couldn't restrain myself from getting 3 different colors of polka dotted tapes!

I got all my rolls from Pretty Tape, but Etsy is chock-full of any different type of Washi Tape you could possibly imagine!

Fine and Feathered Blog
Fine and Feathered Blog
Fine and Feathered Blog

There's so many different uses for this fun little stuff, I'm having a blast just playing around with it. Anyone have a favorite way to use Washi Tape?

Fine and Feathered Blog

P.S. On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to thank everyone who commented or even just took the time to read my post this week about our chickens. It's amazing how attached you can become to even just chickens, but I felt so much love from all of you, and that's one of those amazing things I love about blogging! We are starting to plan some changes we can make to both the coop and the backyard to make it safe for us to adopt a new pair of chickens, so I'll keep you all posted :)