Blustery Days

                           J.Crew Shirt (thrifted) // Ralph Lauren Sweater (thrifted) // Buffalo Cords

                                  UO Bag (thrifted) // Thrifted Duck Boots + Scarf // Target Socks

As Whinnie the Pooh would say, it's been blustery. The kind of blustery that assures that any attempt to wear a skirt or dress will result in a wardrobe malfuntion. So pants it's been. I wore this into Philly last night to have dinner with a friend and the hostesses gave my boots a few funny glances. I guess Duck Boots aren't quite as magical if you don't have to wade through mudd to check on chickens or play with your moose of a puppy everyday. But then again, no other shoe can compare to the warmth of Duck Boots so I'd still wear 'em everyday even if we still lived in the city - case closed.