Coat Ramblings

Gap coat, tank & legging jeans // Nine West Boots // Loft Bracelet // Watch was a gift, from here

This coat is one of those "patience is a virtue" type of things.

I tried it on the first time I saw it and was completely head-over-heels for it. I love how 60s inspired it is. It's a little bit vintage mixed with a little bit of punk, so obviously we were a match made in heaven.

But the combo of being insanely cheap and already having, uh, I dunno, a thousand coats? I just couldn't justify it.

Oh but then spring came, a magical time where the world is warm and coats go on sale for $7. Oh yes, I pounced on it like a lion cub pouncing on bugs (sorry, we watched Lion King this week!).

Okay, now that I'm done over-romanticizing a coat, I think it's time I go. Happy Thursday everyone:)

hello trench coat

Coat is from Target, Striped Shirt is from The Gap, Legging Pants are from Banana Republic, boots are from Zara, headband from J.crew and necklace and sunglasses are vintage.

feeling trench coat-y today. not in a creepy-old-guy-hanging-out-at-a-playground type of trench coat-y, but just a springy, rainy, jumping through puddles type trench coat-y.

oh and we spent the day at Ikea and Target getting all apartmenty thing. gooooodness - I am SO excited to move in:)


Picked up the boyfriend from the airport today:)

used the little baby camera today! definetely not the absolute best quality but does in a pinch!

Im wearing... a purple dress by Double Zero, Black coat from Gap Kids (yes, I said kids), tights from Target, Boots from Nine West, and the bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs