Herringbone Tray DIY

I love making unique "home" peices. I also love taking old and unloved items and making them fun and usable again. I'm always coming across old tin or metal trays at thrift stores for cheap and came across one that had some surface scratches and was more 1980s then cute vintage so I grabbed it for a buck and gave it a little makeover!

I started by spray-painting it all white (I used a 2 in 1 primer and paint) it needed a few coats, but once the last coat went on I gave it a full night to dry. Then I taped off the pattern I wanted (I did a sort of herringbone inspired pattern, but you can really do any pattern!) and did 2 or 3 layers of dark grey spraypaint and allowed to dry overnight again before removing the tape.

It's great to just leave out on a coffee table as a alternative to coasters for drinks!

Thrift Score

Ran out this morning to cash a check and hit the towns few thrift stores. SCORE. I found these babies. They look brand spankin' new right from the box. There's not a speck of dirt on the soles and the insides are immaculate.


heck of a lot better than the $60 I spent on my Minnetonkas!

plus they're like super duper soft on the inside. I am a happy clam.