Five Things to Make This Spring

Digging through some of my old DIYs and projects I was getting inspired to get crafty this spring and thought I'd share in case any of you are looking to get your fingers dirty too:)

If you haven't already made a terrarium, I highly suggest it. This is one I made for mother's day two years ago. My mom not only still has it, but it's completely flourishing! I am already planning on making my own for our house in the very near future.

This is my favorite way to hang onto all those little things I collect on trips. Whether it's pamphlets, tickets, or even photos, you can bind them together to makea little memory keeper that's cute enough to leave out on the coffee table! If you're planning any trips for this summer it's a great way to keep everything together. 

I actually lost the lid for my Mason Jar To-Go Cup during our various moves last summer, so I will definitely be making myself a new one now that the weather is getting nicer and I'll be regularly drinking my weight in iced tea and lemonade!

I seriously can't wait to start planting! We'll be tearing up the backyard to get rid of the insanely overgrown ivy, which means I'll be sticking to pot-planting this year. It's okay though, because I still love this little chalkboard potI made a couple years ago. I tend to be a little forgetful about what I planted where, so it's actually very useful too:)

Tee shirts are always a nessasity for spring a summer, and sometimes it's fun to add some fun details to them. I still love this fringe-y one I made a while back! 

What projects are you guys planning for this spring?

Chalkboard Sewing Box Makeover

Who remembers Caboodles? Any of you girls who grew up in the 90s should know exactly what I'm talking about! They were those fun little boxes you kept all your scrunchies, glitter lip gloss and slap bracelets in. I had the Barbie Caboodle. It was 90s pink and purple and I loved it. Unfortunately, it become a sad victim of my teenage years. I was super cool and punk rock (aka totally not cool) so this little box was drug through both a sharpie phase and a bumper sicker phase - poor little guy!

Unfortunately, there was just no way to save it without some sort of paint (sad!).

After scrubbing it down and removing all remaining stickers with goo-be-gone I let it dry for a while. Then it was just a matter of a few coats of chalkboard spray paint (no matter how "trendy" this stuff has become I still love it!), making sure it completely dries between coats.

Now it's the perfect little sewing box! Plus I can write myself little notes and keep track of what I'm planning on making right on the box:)

Happy Monday everyone!

DIY: Chalkboard Pot

Fine and Feathered Blog
Fine and Feathered Blog

I've been having a bit of fun pretty-ing up my flower (or rather, herb) pots this year! I like making each one a little unique home for their repective plants, and when I got my hands on some chalkboard spraypaint I figured it was perfect to not only dress up a pot, but an easy way to label them too!


Chalkboard spraypaint, Painters Tape, Flower Pot, Craft Paint in White (or any other color)

using the painters tape, tape along the bottom edge of the top of the pot down and the inside of the pot. Spray exposed area with chalkboard spraypaint (I did about 3 light coats), allow to dry for a day. Using a flat paintbrush, paint a thin layer of your craft paint on the bottom portion of the pot. I loved the "brushed" look so I only did one coat, but you could certainly do a few coats and get more of a "color blocked" look!

Simple, right? Now, if your a forgetful and un-gardeny as I am, you can label the pot using a bit of chalk!