Tea Cart Makeover

I have been keeping my eyes out for a cute cart for a while now. I really love all the bar carts I've been seeing around the web, but since I only drink socially and my husband doesn't drink the whole idea of a bar cart doesn't really work for us, but I love love love tea. So I've been wanting to make myself a whole tea cart! I figued I can keep all my hot tea stuff and some snacks on it during the winter and add stuff for ice teas when summer comes around. And I finally found the perfect cart for it!

Though, it was a little rough when I first found it...

Kinda nasty, right? It was tagged for $15 but I got them to come down to $10 since it needed some rehab (yay for a little bargaining!). So I disasembled it, cleaned all the peices really well and sanded the tops just a bit before doing several light coats of universal spray paint (I like Rustoleom). I debated whether or not to change the color but realized I really like how industrial it looks. It kind of reminds me of something you'd find in a hospital or something!

I love collecting tins from thrift stores and my favorites are these little vintage tea-tins I keep all my tea bags in (I'd love to get back to loose leaf tea but have been really lazy lately). I'm also keeping my eyes open for a cute tea pot since I have a hand-me-down electric kettle that's a little...ugly. So I figure I'd keep that in the kitchen until I find a nice one to show off.

For those wondering the feather mugs were a gift (they're from Target) and I believe I got the black mugs at Marshalls a few years ago. The DIY for the herringbone tray can be found here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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