Living Space

Our whole living room/dining room/kitchen area is pretty much set as far as furniture and the what-not. We are still waiting for them to redo our cabinets, but it still feels so nice to come home to such a pretty little place in such a pretty little neighborhood. As is probably obvious, mostly everything is vintage (found at either thrift stores or auctions) except for things like our super pretty ikea couch which I had had my eye on for quite some time before it found its way into our living room. Oh and my gorgeous Kitchen Aid Mixer in Pistachio that my mother got me as a wedding gift:)

*sigh* I might have had too much fun with the furniture buying. Anyone need an interior designer? Will work for Starbucks and cupcakes!


I'm feeling very sub-par today. Mucusy, coughy, sniffly kind of sub-par. But I must say I am still able to enjoy finally being in our apartment.

I love Having all of a 30 second walk to the nearest Starbucks How the neighbors doggies follow me around the courtyard (Don't tell Krammer!) Getting delivery from our favorite restaurants Our super gianormous windows (forreal, they are crazy huge) Being with my super handsome manly man:)

anyway, hopefully I'll be back to my healthy and fashion obsessed bloggy-self soon!