Little Cottonwood Canyon

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All photos by Ashley Jensen

We got back from Utah a week or two ago and I am still reeling over the magic of it all. We went out for an event my husband was part of and stayed an extra couple days to hike and see the sights, and it turned out to be one of my favorite trips we've taken.

It just so happens the lovely Ashley Jensen moved out to Salt Lake City just a few weeks before and she already had me so excited, just from seeing her incredible photos. So of course I couldn't resist when she invited me to go with her on a little sunset drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Not only was watching the sunset from the top of the mountain incredible in and of itself, but the drive back down was equally as magic getting to see the lights of Salt Lake City appear like little stars between the peaks. As the sun set we snapped a few photos of each other, and I really love having these pictures as a reminder of the entire trip.

So here's a big life tip for you - always say yes to a sunset drive up the mountains. I promise you, it's absolutely worth it.

72 Hours in Nashville

Nashville TN Guide

This past year I've traveled more than I have in my entire life. It's been mostly just little trips here and there, but I am loving it. For those of you who don't know, my husband travels for work. Some years he's traveled a lot, and other years not so much, but this year he's been gone almost non-stop, and I've been lucky enough to get to visit him on some of his trips!

We've been wanting to visit Nashville together for a while now, and had even planned to go for my birthday, but had to change plans when he had to go away for work again. So when he found out he would be spending time in Nashville for work, we figured it was the perfect oppotunity for me to pop down at the tail end of his trip and spend a little time seeing him and the city!

Imogene + Willie

I flew down on the 4th of July and we got a chance to see the downtown completely blocked off from cars, and the streets filled with people, food trucks, and live music. It was definitely a great first experience in the city! The second day, after he was done work, we drove a little south of the city and spent the afternoon in the town of Franklin, which is adorable - definitely worth checking out if you have the time. My husband had to work most of the last day, but I took advantage of a beautiful morning and met a friend at Barista Parlor, and then Uber'd down to the Twelve South neighborhood and did some shopping and eating on my own. I actually enjoy a little alone time in new cities to just wander shops and neighborhoods and really get a feel for everything, and Twelve South was really great for wandering!

Being from the north-east with our big, mostly walk-able cities, one thing to note if you go to Nashville is that it's not really a "walking city". Yes you can walk the downtown neighborhood, but if you plan to do any of the other neighborhoods, you'll definitely need to drive or grab an Uber to get there.

Five Daughters Bakery Nashville
Barista Parlor Nashville
Bradley's Curbside Creamery Nashville


FIVE DAUGHTER'S BAKERY - Officially my favorite Nashville stop. I've been following them on IG for a long time, just waiting for the day to come that I could try their 100 layer doughnuts, and they did not disappoint. They have a location in the 12 South neighborhood, as well as one in an adorable old factory in Franklin, TN!

BARISTA PARLOR - One of those super-hyped coffee spots that I wondered whether it was just a good Instagram spot, or whether they were really worth it. I'm glad to say they are totally worth the stop. They have a couple locations around the city and I spent the morning catching up with a friend at the Golden Sound one. Not only is it beautiful, but the coffee and food are fantastic.

FROTHY MONKEY - A great spot to stop and grab a salad and more coffee after a couple hours wandering Twelve South!

BRADLEY'S CURBSIDE CREAMERY - We were lucky enough to try out this awesome little ice cream truck while they were parked downtown for the 4th. I don't think they have any definite locations, but if you can hunt them down while you're in the city they are definitely worth it!

THE STILLERY - A great place if you're looking for a spot to eat downtown and aren't feeling the honky-tonk bars. We happened to wander in here when looking for somewhere to eat on the 4th and ended up absolutely loving it! Definitely get the baked cheese if you go!

Imogene + Willie Nashville


IMOGENE + WILLIE - This is one of those places I've been dying to check out for years. Yes, they are way out of my price range to actually buy anything, but it's one of those places that's so unique and cute that it's worth stopping in just to see (major bonus - they had a puppy sleeping on the floor when I visited!). They also have the Amelia's Flower Truck that parks right out front if you fancy treating yourself to a cute little bouquet!

WHITE'S MERCANTILE - White's is another shop that has locations in both Twelve South and Franklin, and both are worth wandering through. They have a well curated collection of men's, women's, kid's, and home-wares, and both stores are incredibly well merchandised.

CRAFT SOUTH - If you like sewing, knitting, or anything else crafty, make sure to pop in here. It's not a huge store but they are so cute and have a great selection. I even took a yard of fabric home, 'cause I just couldn't resist!

White's Merchantile Nashville

Of course, with only a few short days in the city I didn't get to hit all of the spots I would have loved, like Pinewood Social, Crema, Bookman/Bookwoman, and Proper Bagel! Are there any other places I need to add to my list for the next time? I'm completely smitten and can't wait to go back!

An Afternoon in Philly // Pub and Kitchen + Termini Bros

Termini bros philadelphia

(A cupcake and cheesecake from Termini Bros)

Philly is such a great city. It's literally packed with a ton of absolutely incredible restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, and cafes. Not to mention the shopping, all the history of the city, and some really fun tourist attractions and parks. Even after living there, and spending a large amount of days off in the city, we still are always finding new things to do, restaurants to try, or going back and revisiting some of our favorites. 

I know that sometimes the hardest part of planning little day trips are figuring out what to do, so I decided I would start blogging about some of our little adventures (or sometimes just mine:) when we visit. Hopefully these posts will give you some inspiration if you live in the area and are looking to change things up, or if you're just visiting and maybe looking for other things than just want you'll find on the basic tourist websites. I also love the idea of just doing it for myself to be able to look back at all the fun things we've done!

Pub and Kitchen Philadelphia

On Valentines Day Frank flew back in from a job he was away for, so he suggested having lunch in the city and making our own little dinner that night. I loved that idea! Personally, I'm not huge on going out for dinner on Valentines Day. Restaurants are always packed and most do specific (more limited) menus. I just don't feel like I get the true experience of the restaurant on days like that. But lunch is a much more relaxed affair. 

Pub and Kitchen sits only a couple blocks away from Rittenhouse, but in a spot with a much more neighborhood feel to it. It was lightly snowing as we walked up to the painted brick exterior and turned the charming little antique door knobs. The bar is clearly a main attraction of the space, and it greets you immediately. We sat at a quaint little table between several other couples right off the bar. I love that their brunch menu (which is only served on the weekends) includes a good mix of breakfast and lunch and isn't just heavy on one or the other. Of course, I couldn't resist getting actually breakfast, and Frank tried one of their burgers. For how busy this little place was, our food actually came out fairly quickly. Frank let me steal some of his fries, which made me kind of wish I just had a whole plate of them. I love those shoe-string extra crispy fries like they have! Yum yum yum.

Pub and Kitchen Philadelphia Burger
Pub and Kitchen Philadelphia Brunch

I was glad we had come at the end of the brunch rush though, since it was quite loud when we first got there, but quieted down as we ate. It's definitely a place I would go back from brunch to again though, my eggs and bacon were especially delicious, and I would love to try a burger too. It's also in a pretty great spot too, since it's not right in the middle of the Rittenhouse craziness finding a parking spot wasn't too bad (which is always something to consider in Philly!). 

Termini Bros Bakery Philadelphia

Termini Brothers Bakery is one of those places that just oozes with vintage charm. From the old school neon sign that greets you a block away, to the antique counters piled with traditional Italian sweets. Since we decided to make our own Valentines dinner we thought we would treat ourselves and bring home dessert!

This was our first time at Termini's and decided to go right to their flagship store in south Philly. Of course, the whole feel of the store stole my heart, with its original tiled floors and tin ceiling. We did a lap around the bakery to survey the goodies, and I had a hard time deciding between their amazing looking Tiramisu or a cupcake. But it was Valentines Day after all, so how could I pass up something covered in pink and red and topped with a heart? Frank got a slice of their classic cheesecake, and while one of the sweet girls was ringing us up an older man insisted we take one of their unique chocolate covered bananas, on the house. Needless to say, everything was delicious and had that perfectly unique Italian bakery taste. I was actually a little scared to try the banana, but it ended up being amazing! Color me smitten.

Termini Bros Bakery Cupcakes Philadelphia
Termini Bros Italian Bakery Philadelphia

Since it was snowing, we headed home to enjoy a quiet Valentine together, but I've already been thinking up a long list of things I can't wait to do this summer and new places I want to try! Oh summer, come a little faster, won't you?