Getting Funky

Getting out of a Funk - Josie Feather Blog

There I was on a Sunday afternoon standing in Target staring at frozen pizzas. Usually I’m not that interested in frozen pizzas, but there I was. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Nothing major, it just been feeling like I’ve been struggling to get back to my normal self. I’ve been feeling unmotivated, craving junk food, and watching way more tv then I usually do.

The thing is, feeling unmotivated can be really unmotivating. Does that make sense?

It’s like it just stacks on top of itself. You feel bad that you’re not getting anything done, which makes you feel worse, and there you are stuck in a cyclone of feeling bad about feeling bad. Around and around you go. There’s a bunch of reasons I could point to for feeling a bit off, but it doesn’t matter much how you got there once you’re in that mindset.

But there I was staring at frozen pizzas in Target and instead of telling myself I was terrible for craving junk food again I decided to just accept it. Instead of fighting the funk I told myself that it’s just temporary, it’ll pass, and it’s okay to have a freezer pizza every once and a while. All the sudden I actually felt better. Acknowledging that it’s just a temporary thing and really believing that I’d eventually get out of it was like flicking a little switch in my brain. No more spiraling. It’ll be okay. Maybe not today or even tomorrow, but it’s temporary and it will be okay.