Guess who's back, back again

Shortalls Spring Style
Shortalls Off the Shoulder Top Style
Shortalls Summer Style Outfit
Summer Target Leather Clutch
Overalls Off the shoulder top style outfit

Urban Outfitters Short-alls // Target Top + Clutch // Nine West Shoes

Josie's back, tell a friend.

But seriously, I am so excited about getting back into it! I felt I was long overdue for a clean up of the site, and am insanely excited! It feels so fresh (& so clean clean). It also feels so perfectly in line with spring and all the new things going on in my life. When I think about it, it always seems so crazy to me to think about how many major life events have happened to me during spring, and this year's has definitely not held back with the changes.

In other new Shortalls and off the shoulder anything are basically my jam right now. It's still a bit cool here in the north east, but after spending two weeks in sunny Florida I can't resist pulling out my summer favs anyway - bring on summer!