Fitness Inspiration

So I thought I'd talk today about something totally different. I mentioned a few weeks ago about how one of my goals is getting back into exercising. I actually was doing pretty well with it before the holidays hit, but a combination of holiday insanity and getting a nasty cold for a few weeks threw me totally off track. I am happy to be back on the wagon though (or is it off? I always get confused with that one...). 

I don't know if I'm ready to go into my whole background of exercising and dealing with weight issues today, but I am happy to be on a good path where I am really enjoying exercising and working towards good goals. I feel good, and I am excited too! I'm focusing more on strength exercises and building endurance, so to keep myself inspired I've started following some awesome instagrams to keep me inspired. I especially love following on Instgram, because I check it at least once a day, so it's a like a little alarm in my head when I see these images, reminding me to keep going! 


Yola For the Win Inpspiration

@Yolaforthewin is now one of my favorite instas in general. She is gorgeous, and so is her feed. Bright, beautiful photos, and she always adds some personality to them too. I also just want to jump into her closet and steal all of her workout gear:)


Emma D Fitness Inspiration

Love this girl! I think she may be my favorite fitness girl that I follow. She not only is killer, and looks it, when it comes to fitness, but she has a really great attitude about food. She talks a lot about eating well, but letting yourself indulge and not labeling foods as "bad". And she's so young! Definitely a big inspiration. She also has a great blog/website that I love going through at looking at her workouts.


Nike Women Fitness Inspiration

Well of course, it's Nike, so you can expect some amazing images all over this women-dedicated instagram. It's sort of a mix of everything, from different sports, to showing off their lovely gear. Obviously, their just marketing, but hey, it's gorgeous, it's inspiring, I'll take it! 


Fitness Instagram Inspiration

Oana-Maria is another really cute fit chick I love following. She also is always posting pictures of really yummy looking food too :)

If anyone has any other reccomendations, send them my way. I've also been trying to find some good pinterest boards too, but that's been a little harder, so let me know your favorites!