Nine Home Decor Projects to Try

Tea Cart Refurbish DIY

Thrift shops and flea markets are great for finding unloved treasures that just need a little makeover. I still am in love with my little tea cartI rescued. But whether you save an old piece or buy one new, having a little cart dedicated to your love of tea is always fun:)

Fox Print Pillow DIY

Decorative pillows can be so expensive, but it can be fun and cheap to make your own! Whether you make your own stamp or buy one, it's a pretty simple project to do.

Pajaki Chandelier DIY

Pajaki chandliersare a great little decoration for a window, or can be adorable used as a mobile over a crib! You can choose to make it completely from scrach or buy some of the materials pre-made. Whatever way you choose to do it, they're fun to put together, and really lovely!

Herringbone tin tray diy

Old tin trays are another one of those things that tend to always be at thrift store, and it's so easy to give them a little makeover. Adding a little herringbone pattern to one is quick and simple - you can check out the tuturial here!

Pet Silhouette Portrait DIY

Celebrate your love for your own little furball with some silhouette art! I cherish my little version of Krammer even more since we lost him - it's nice to have a little reminder of our favorite guy.

Ikea Desk Makeover DIY

It's no secret that I love reusing things, and even an old desk that's been sitting in a basement for years can be turned into something cute and usable again! Check out my little makeover of an old ikea desk

Anthropologie Cork Map DIY

Looking for some fun, usable decorations? Make a map of the world (or just one country, if you like) out of some corkboard. You can even paint it to give it a little extra pop, and then use it to pinpoint places you've been, or just pin up some notes!

Swiss Cross Pillow DIY

Another great alternative to spending a small fortune on cute pillows is to sew your own. I made a pair of these swiss cross pillowsa while back and we still use them on our couch! You only need to know the basics of a sewing machine to make them.

Hanging Cancles DIY

I love this candle holderI made using a tree branch and some twine. It's pretty simple, and just plain lovely, in my own opinion!