Bloggers I Love

The last few months I've been really trying to find some new bloggers to follow. It may just be my own changing tastes, but I feel like a lot of the bloggers I used to love have changed a lot (and some have also stopped blogging). I'm always looking for blogs that have good photography and a more defined sense of style or self, and the last few months I've found a couple that are just perfect and I thought I'd share in case anyone else is feeling similarly, or maybe if you just need some new blogs to check out while relaxing this weekend!

Two Happy Hearts


Christen has such a unique style. I love the entire feel of her blog though - so dreamy and inspiring! Her Photography is just so gorgeous too, I could look through it all day. 

Holly Dolly


Holly is so stinkin' adorable! She has a really cute, fun style. She also makes some of her own clothes and does lots of DIYs, so she's just plain inspiring all around. 


Not only does Lizette have a seriously gorgeous head of hair, but she's got a style that's definitely her own. It can be really cute and feminine, and it can be fun and bohemian. I always love a good mix myself!  


If you want lots of sewing tutorials and DIYS paired with some amazing style, Liz is your girl. I have a ton of her sewing projects bookmarked that hopefully I'll get to someday:)


Kaylee is so cute! Her style actually reminds me a lot of some of the bloggers I used to follow before they changed. It's fun and a little preppy, and she also practices wearing clothes she already owns in new ways - I love that! 

Have you guys come across any bloggers lately that you love? I'm always looking for new ones to check out:)