Tips for Developing Your Style // Closets + Pinterest

Developing a personal style is one of those things that can take years and years to really figure out. As a teenager I usually found myself just trying to emulate certain celebrities and would look for things in stores that I thought whoever I was copying at that moment might wear. After a while though, I'd realize it wasn't totally "me" and would just move on to another person to copy, usually dumping most of my wardrobe for the change. Then a few years ago I started asking myself "what do I want to wear?" and guess what? I had no idea! It took me a while to really figure out what I really loved, and what made me feel great, but I feel like over the last year I've been very "settled" into my style. I know what I love and I feel more confident in buying things, knowing I'll wear them over and over again. 

Maybe you're still struggling with finding your style. You buy stuff and later realize you'll never wear it. You go into stores and have no idea where to even start - that's okay! You just need to start developing your personal style. I'm not talking about preppy, punk, or business casual. Your personal style should be just that - personal. It doesn't need to be labled, or fit into some box, all it means is that you know what you love to wear, and feel great in. 

(I was going to try to condense all my tips into one blog post, but I realized there's just too much to talk about, so I'll be breaking it up into little "bite size" peices.)

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It might sound like I'm giving you a chore, but really, cleaning out your closet is a great opportunity to learn about your personal style (even if you think you don't already have one!). That dress you bought a year ago and still haven't worn - it's probably time for it to go, but before it does, give it some good in-depth thinking of why it hasn't been worn, and why you bought it in the first place. Be totally honest with yourself. Knowing why you haven't worn something you already bought can help you avoid making the same mistake again. 

Also take some to look through what you kept. Think about what peices you wear over and over again. What is it you like about them? What colors, styles, or shapes of clothing do you gravitate towards, and which ones do you feel best when wearing? Even if you feel like you have no style you still have natural tendencies towards colors or types of clothes, and once you know what you love about what you already have you'll be able to more easily figure out what you should be looking for in stores.

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These days, Pinterest is an amazing tool for helping to develop your style. Maybe you already have a style board, but it doesn't have much on it, well don't be shy - start pinning! If you like it, pin it. I've been told by a lot of my family and friends that follow me on Pinterest that they can always tell what things I pinned. The truth is that it wasn't always like that. I recently scrolled through my style board to organize things a bit, and realized that my first bunch of pins aren't anything that I would pin now - but that's okay! By just pinning whatever I liked it help me to start seeing some of the similarities in some of them and that helped me to figure out what it is I like about some things and don't like about others. Don't overthink it - just do it! (PS. If you're worried about flooding other peoples feed, you can always create a Secret Board - I LOVE them!)

I'll be sharing more tips over the next few weeks - if you have any questions or would like to see me talk about anything specific feel free to let me know! :)

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