Around Here

Owning an old house and having a love for old items in general can lead to... a lot of projects. This week we started peeling the wallpaper from my sewing room. We were hoping it was just bare plaster underneath like it was in the dining room, but it turns out there's lots of flaking paint instead which is not so pretty. I also found an older dresser for $10 at the local thift store this week. It's adorable, but the top was badly damaged so I've been stripping and restaining it to hopefully get it looking pretty again! I'm thinking it'll go in said sewing room for a little while until we have a more definite place for it.

Frank is also working on our "new" table, cleaning up the legs from another old table, there's always work in the backyard, and we're both cleaning up some old mason jars. Oh, and we're hosting Thanksgiving this week! We're just a wee bit crazy.