Brain Fog

           Target Shirt + Hat // Banana Republic Cardigan // Gap Skirt + Bag // Boots c/o Minnetonka

The end of last week I was in a total brain fog. Every once and a while these hit where my brain feels like it just kind of shuts down and I don't want to think or even look at Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I have nothing against them (actually, I love them), but I think my brain is just like "no more!" for a couple days. Frank was away on work the end of last week so I ended up kind of zoning out for those few days. I mostly just wore leggings (my lazy wear), didn't do the dishes, and watched the first three seasons of Dexter on Netflix. I did start to work on some Christmas gifts while on my Dexter binge, but that's about all I got done. Usually I'd get upset with myself for not doing something "contructive" at all hours, but I think this was my brain's way of telling me it just needed a few days off, and sometimes that's okay. Anyone else experience the occasional "brain fog"?