Under Pressure

                Gap Sweater (thrifted) // Gap Leggings // Jacket c/o Nectar // Boots c/o Minnetonka

                                                            Thrifted Bag // Target Scarf

This outfit is actually from a week or two ago. I had snapped these while I already had a week full of posts, and so I kind of just forgot about them. But the last few days my projects and photos just haven't been coming out how I wanted them to, then I remembered these guys and took it as a sign it was time to share them.

Blogging is kind of a crazy rollercoaster sometimes. I love blogging, and I don't mind being totally honest that I am trying to build myself up to where I can be a full-time blogger. I've had a lot of jobs that I've loved, but have never been nearly as passionate, or felt like all of my skills were as fully used, as with blogging. It kind be overwhelming though sometimes. I mean, there's blogs out there with a full staff to pump out DIYs, outfits, and funny anecdotes ten times a day. Even the big ones who don't have full staffs usually have a professional photographer husband or boyfriend who they can rely on to take amazing photos every time.

Please don't think I'm here to whine and complain. I am so blessed for so many reasons, but I definitely get down on myself when I'm not cranking out a post everyday. I try to constantly remind myself to just focus on quality, not quantity. I really do only want to share outfits that I loved wearing, or recipes that were truly delicious, or crafts and project that I just swooned over when they were finished. There's a lot of pressure  these days to be posting amazing things several times a day though if you are trying to break into that big blogging world though.

Has anyone else felt that pressure? Even if you aren't trying to blog full time, have you ever felt that silly guilt that comes with not posting as much as you feel like you should?