Take Inspiration

Since I'm at the end of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHROPOLOGIE week, I thought I'd share some more Anthro products that are not only lovely, but could be perfect inspiration to DIY!

I love all these pillows, and they'd be so easy to duplicate! You could easily buy a pre-made circle stamp, or even make a potato stamp to do the Dot Stitch Pillow, and for the You Are My Sunshine Pillow, you could either use iron on transfers or stencils, like the ones I used for my table runner. I think I may have to make some...

Oh! I could totally see making this clutch from an old sweater and one of those clutch kits they have at most craft/sewing stores With just a little sewing savvy it'd be pretty easy:)

I've seen a few tutorials around the web for making Macrame Plant Holders just like this one. Here's a fun video tutorial to make one from the Etsy Blog. I'd love to make a couple for our back patio next summer!

Been there, made that! I whipped up Weston a Doggie Bow Tie Collarbefore they even started selling these ones! I made his big and goofy to match his personality, but they can easily be made small. Weston did say he's very hurt they'd choose a purebred to model it over him - mutts are the best:)

I'm usually not a huge chevron person, but this dresser is fun, and could be great inspiration for updating and old dresser that needs a facelift! And all you'd need is a little paint and tape.

Maxi skirts like this one are really easy to make! Here's my tutorial.

I've loved this little project I've done this week. It's got me excited and inspired to do so much more now, and I think it's really good practice to learn to make more instead of just wanting more. I'm always a big fan of making things myself:)