A Quick DIY // Preserving Autumn Leaves

I love the look of preserved flowers as art, and now that Fall is in full swing and leaves are turning all sorts of amazing colors I really had the itch to preserve some. I've pressed flowers before and had some good luck with that, but knew that pressing leaves wouldn't really work the same so I looked for some good ways to hang on to them and found out it's really actually easy!

Sandwich your leaf between two pieces of wax paper, cover with kitchen towel and iron on high heat for 2-3 minutes. Flip over and repeat. Let cool for a minute, then gently pull the wax paper apart. That's it! If for some reason your leaves start to curl again just repeat the steps to make sure there's plenty of wax on the leaves.

I just put them in some thrifted frames with a nice plain backdrop, and I love them! Once their flattened out they have a sort of graphic look to them and you can really appreciate all the colors and patterns. I also tossed a few on my matle with some little pumpkins to be festive, and they've all kept their colors and shapes really well so far. I'm thinking I'd love to do a little garland from them too!