Wearing White After Labor Day

     Thrifted Shirt // Gap Skirt // Anthropologie Belt // Target Hat + Scarf // Moccasins c/o Minnetonka

I've never had a pair of white shoes before. I'm not sure exactly what made me pick white this time, but I'm glad I decided to mix things up. These feel so classic and even feel a little dressier then my regular Kilty's even though thy're just as comfy.

I know I've been talking a lot about the look and feel of my Minnetonka shoes, but I just want to mention that one of the biggest things I love about them is that they're still made by hand, with such amazing materials, and I really love that they're still a family business! I just love companies like that. And let me just assure you that Minnetonka hasn't asked me to say anything that I've said. My love for Minne's run deep, and I've been crazy about them for a long time!