Slow Down

                               Old Navy Shirt (thrifted) // Gap Jeans (similar) // Anthropologie Belt

                                                      Target Hat + Scarf // Nine West Boots

Everything was so crazy the first month in the house that I'm finally starting to make myself slow down. We've been taking walks more, which is lovely in this beautiful weather, and I'm about to start reading The Paris Wife for a little book club I'm a part of. It's nice. Of course, there's still plenty to do, both actual work on the house, and still unpacking, and organizing everything. I've finally started cleaning out a few of the rooms that have been catch-alls, and it feels so much better, less like we live in a storage facility, and more like we live in an actual home.

I'm also really excited for a lot of things this fall, and have about a million ideas I'd like to work on. I so much prefer having more ideas then you have time or resources for. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating, but I choose to look at it more like a challenge!