My guy

Recently I've gotten a few questions about my husband, wanting to know more about how we met, and our wedding and a little about him so I thought I'd be fun to do some sharing today!

                                   (me and my husband, the first summer we started dating)

My husband's name is Frank, in case I haven't properly introduced him before. We met at a mutual friend's birthday party when I was 15 and he was 17. We mostly talked online for a white, and then one day I asked him to pick me up from college (I started community college when I was 16), we went out for pizza and from then on were good friends. He liked me, but I was always either dating other guys or completely uninterested in having a relationship (normal jerky teenager girl stuff). For a few months when I was about 17 I was really mad at him and refused to talk to him, neither of us even remember why I was, but I think it goes back to that jerky teenage girl stuff. Thankfully, I got over it though.

I went through a really rough time personally right around my 18th birthday. Frank was one of the few people I told what was going on, and he was there for me more then anyone else was. I remember on my birthday sitting with him and talking and realizing that I was starting to really like him. One night a month or so later he kissed me when we were saying goodnight, it was sweet and suprising.

We dated for three years. He kept me sane when things were rough. He made me take a break when I spent too many hours to count working on projects for color theory class. We went to Boston together and slept in a public park. We've tried over 30 restaurants in Philly together. Then, three years later he suprised me with a trip to Palm Springs during Valentines week. He proposed, I said yes, of course! The proposal was very private and simple. The ring was antique. It was all perfect.

Neither of us wanted a big wedding, and decided to get married at our church with just a few close friends and family on my twenty-first birthday.

We've been married for a little over two years now! It's one of those crazy things where it feels like just yesterday that we were saying yes, and yet it feels like we've been together forever.

Some random facts about Frank...

- He travels for his job, he's been to most of the states and also Mexico and Canada for it.

- He once built a large Tesla Coil, for fun. Yep, he's a smarty pants.

- I have a death-touch to cars, thankfully he's a pretty kick-butt self taught mechanic.

- He loves to play Pickleball. Never heard of it? Neither had I. In fact, for months I thought it was just a game him and his friend made up.

Another question I've gotten a lot lately is, when are we going to have kids? Well, it's not in the plan at all. Neither of us have any parental desires whatsoever. However, we love neices and nephews and friend's kids and are perfectly happy just enjoying them!