The Craze

                                Gap Shirt + Sandals // DIY Skirt (tutorial here) // H&M Hat

Even since before September first "fall talk" has been buzzing all over the blogosphere, I've even been chatting about it a little already. It's not even just all over blogs, my facebook feed is already full of friend's redecorating their homes for fall, or people sipping on pumpkin spice lattes, and even in person it seems everyone's talking about how they're just ready for it. Up until yesterday morning I was still in summer-mode though. Earlier this week I layed on the beach for a few hours, so it was pretty hard to imagine wanting to put on a sweater. Yesterday though, I woke up to just a little bit of a chill and was able to make myself a big cup of tea and relax with the pups. Now, I'm ready.

My problem is that I can never figure out how to properly dress during these times where we're going from hot summer days to cool fall. I know that 80 degrees means shorts or skirts, but 70? Do I need a parka or can I still wear shorts? I never figure it out until halfway through the day when I'm either sweating to death or freezing. At least I have this skirt now. It's kind of the perfect in-between so I'm thinking I'm going to be getting a whole lot of wear out of it soon:)