What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D5100. Prior to May 2012 I used a Nikon D70s. I mostly use my Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens for photos on my blog.

Who takes your outfit photos?
Mostly it's just me For more info on that and some tips you can check out my tips for taking your own outfit photos. My brother also occasionally snaps some photos for me, but I always note that he did!

How old are you?
I'm 23, my birthday is in May.

How did you meet your husband? What was your wedding like?
We met at a mutual friend's birthday party when we were just little teenagers. Our wedding was incredibly small and intimate. More on our little story here.

When are you guy's going to have kids?
We don't plan to have kids. I know, I know, I hear all that time that "that'll change", but we're both pretty stubborn and neither of us have ever had any sort of parental desire.

Do you really thrift most of your clothes?
Yep. I try to share brand names when they're still on the clolthes, but I always note when it was thrifted.

Why do you thrift so many of your clothes?
I started when I was a teen, mostly just because I couldn't afford to buy all the brands I love, but I got addicted! I love the hunt. I do believe good quality pieces are worth the investment of buying right from the makers though.

What kind of design work do you do?
I do freelance graphic design as well as photography, and also occasionally teach art classes. In the past I've worked doing wedding/event design for a company in Philly, and worked for several years as a in-store visual manager in retail. I have a degree in Fine Arts, but I took mostly design classes since I've always been more attracted to the idea of making something usable in everyday life. I also experiment with cothing design and would love to learn more about interior design. I definintely don't think I'm anywhere near a master at any one area of design, I just love almost all different aspects of it and am always wanting to learn more.

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