Favorite // Chambray Shirt


I've talked about it a lot before, but I'm a huge believer in getting the most out of your wardrobe. I've learned over the years to not buy something unless I can think of two ways to wear it with things I already own. There's certain classics I have in my closet that can go with pretty much everything, and I love that because I can often buy more unique pieces knowing that I have those classics that can easily go with them. One of my most re-worn pieces is my Chambray Shirt. What I would do without it, I just don't know. I wear it at least a couple times a month, and more like once or twice a week during the fall and winter.

It's perfect with pants and jeans, alone or layered (or double layered!). I love how neutral it is, I can mix it with any print, pattern, and color and it almost helps the other pieces stand out. Chambray is also such a casual look too, so one of my favorites ways to style it is to use it to "dress down" a more fancy or feminine piece.


My husband knows how I completely wear things out that I love. Thankfully, this Gap one I've had for years and is still holding up well. Of course, I was wandering through a J.Crew store the other day eyeing up their light Chambray Shirt which is so buttery soft I think I'd use it as a pillow at night (and no, they didn't ask me to say that, and honestly that'd be a strange thing to ask someone to say). I definitely am always keeping my eyes out at thrift shops for more good Chambrays:)