(all photos from my instagram)

This summer has been so beautiful. Besides one week long heat wave, the weather has been incredible, not too hot and not too cold. That's a rare for Jersey, usually it's 100% humidity and 90+ degrees everyday. Yesterday me and Frank went up to NYC to celebrate his birthday. We did the New York Hall of Science and walked through Flushing Meadows (I'd never been!), then we headed over to Brooklyn to have dinner at Fette Sau and then got cheesecake at one of those amazing little authentic Italian bakeries (I got red velvet cheesecake and I'm still dreaming about it!).

It's crazy to think it's only a few short weeks away from kids going back to school and leaves falling and pumpkin pie and hot tea every morning. And while those things do all sound amazing, I am totally going to soak up every last one of these amazing summer days!