Itchy Fingers

 I am definitely getting itchy to get settled again and get my hands dirty with some projects. We're hoping that within the next week or so we might be settling in somewhere new, or at least have a better direction as to where we'll be heading, and I am so excited to dig all of my studio stuff out and get back to work on projects and stuff on a daily basis. I figured I'd share some things I'm really looking forward to working on...

                                                                       (by Always With Butter)

Canning - I have been dying to do some canning this year. Since I haven't had a kitchen of my own, much less somewhere to store extra food, it's something that I'm wainting to do till we have some space of our own again. But I am double crossing my fingers that that'll happen before the second round of raspberries!

                                                                        (by Brooklyn to West)

Build Something - One of the things I put on my "birthday list" this year is to build something. We got rid of our old coffee table when we moved because it was pretty much falling apart anyway, so when we do get settled again that'll be a definite need. We've been helping clean out an old farm house that was left to someone in our family this summer and it's going to have to be demolished unfortunately, but I'm already planning to pull some lovely lath from it's walls before it goes down so I can make an Ariele Alasko inspired coffee table. I've been dreaming about her stuff ever since I came across her blog last year, so I'm excited to get my hands dirty and give some builing a try!

                                                                             (by Elizabeth Ancell)

Quilting - Believe it or not, I haven't forgot about my quilt project. I actually planned to work on it during this "in between" time but my mom's machines absolutely hate me for some reason, and I apparently packed a bunch of my squares in a different box then most of them. I am itching to get back to it though! How lovely is this one by the way? I am usually not a fan of purple or florals, but this one is pretty dreamy.

                                                                            (by Twentytimesi)

Restoring - I have collected probably too many pieces of furniture over the summer that need to be restored and given some new life, but they've been thrown straight into storage untill I have somewhere to work on them. I'm definitely excited to get my hands on them get to work though. And no, I don't have a card catalog to restore YET. Hopefully someday though:)

Anyone have any fun projects they're planning on working on this week? Please sure! I'd love to live vicarously through you:)