July's French Bread

Had I almost forgotten about my birthday resolution to make some bread once a month? Absolutely, and this is only the second month. Pretty pethetic. But I am giving myself a little leniency since we moved (again) this month and I still don't have a kitchen to call my own.

I decided I wanted to try making a French bread this time. Something chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, and just plain delicious. I basically just googled "chewy Fench bread" (I'm so fancy) and came across this recipe and thought it sounded perfect.

Apparently I'm a self-sabotager because I twice almost ruined it (forgot to add the sugar to the yeast, and forgot to do the egg-wash until half-way through cooking). But it still ended up coming out dense and chewy, just like I wanted. I definitely will be saving this recipe for winter to have with a big bowl of soup since it tastes like it was born to dip:)

Anyone have any other really good bread recipes they've made?